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Azure AD Join

Enable Bitlocker Check in Intune MDM

When joining a Windows 10 device to Azure AD which supports “InstantGo” or “Connected standby” e.g. Surface. Microsoft Automatically enables bitlocker.

For all other devices you need to manually enable bitlocker on your drive.

As an IT admin you can create a Compliance Policy that checks if Bitlocker has been enabled. Here is how:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Policies and Compliance Policy
  3. Click Add
  4. Name: Bitlocker Check
  5. Description: Checks if bitlocker is enabled
  6. Under device health enable Windows Device Health Attestation.
  7. Deploy the policy to your target users or groups
  8. Check for compliance.


Azure AD & Intune Enrollment Sways

This post will now be a list of Sway’s for enrollment into Azure AD and Intune.

  • Windows 10 Pro Azure AD join
  • Windows 10 enterprise Education Azure AD Join
  • Azure MFA enrollment
  • Ipad into intune

Windows 10 Professional

Windows 10 Enterprise / Education

Azure MFA Enrollment


Add my Machine to Azure AD out of the box

If you are setting up a new machine and you have Office 365, Azure AD, Intune or CRM why not Azure AD join it and get all the benefits!?10 - Azure AD Enrollment

9 - Azure AD Enrollment

8 - Azure AD Enrollment
or who manages your PC?

7 - Azure AD Enrollment

6 - Azure AD Enrollment
Supports ADFS ofcourse

5 - Azure AD Enrollment

4 - Azure AD Enrollment

3 - Azure AD Enrollment2 - Azure AD Enrollment1 - Azure AD Enrollment

11 - Azure AD Enrollment
notice here who Printer, Network Drives and WiFi settings have been pushed!

Here is the whole thing in a Sway:




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