Step 1: Enrollment

Once a end user has enrolled a Android device it will shortly show up in the Intune portal.

Step 2: Verify status in Intune

This is what a healthy Device should look like in the Intune Portal :


This device is healthy and should have access to email and does not need attention.


If you need device info, the Intune MDM agent will pull information from the device and display some of it here in the general info tab just right to the health status


Just some of the info pulled from Intune



There are many different Android phones out there. They all provide info to Intune MDM differently. Here Sony is not able to convey the OS name correctly to Intune.

Not all android phones report OS correctly


In the device list you can see and sort the list of devices on most of the general information.


Sort and find your device


When the end user enrolled this Sony Android Device he was prompted to group his device himself into a group. This group is displayed here. I have named this group myeself in the Intune portal. You could name it anything other than personal if you want to.


Device Group Mapping


Management channel should be set to intune or intune and EAS when your device is enrolled. We should also se the Compliant status. If it is not compliant, check your compliance policies in intune policy tab or make sure that you have made the device compliant e.g. enabled PIN or encryption/screen lock +++


If your device is not compliant it will be blocked from exchange when you run Conditional Access.