If you had genes for a bad disease would you like to know or not? – That is a dilemma since you carrying the gene might not result in that gene ever acting out. The worrying might be worse than the knowing.

However – Would like to know and feel confident about that decision.

In comes 23 and Me, I spendt a night reading online about various genetic tests. It seemed at the moment when i Googled around that 23andme.com could provide many interesting things about my health. I rushed forward and bought a set for $99.

I did not read and do the research well enough.

Guess what, I am 99,9% European. That’s it. That’s all I got for $99.

Unless you get your entire family and friends to do it as well (and sign up on myhearitage.com) there is nothing more for you.

2.6% Neanderthals – who cares?


This is all you get as a report and there is no useful information behind it.


Let us click Maternal line:

Why is this interesting….

Go spend som time with your parents or a relative and enjoy your common genes by taking them out for a $99 dinner.